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Thanksgiving Week.

We hope everyone state side had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!  We have had a busy Thanksgiving week over here and have so enjoyed it!  We started the week off by putting up outside lights and decorating for Christmas last Sunday.  I still need to put ornaments on our tree and I think we’ll do that today together with our favorite Christmas movie, “Christmas Vacation” playing in the background!  With the weather so blustery today it is the perfect day to stay snuggly inside together.


I couldn’t resist getting Leigh’s stocking out and hung – can’t wait for her to join us soon!

We spent Thanksgiving day over at Jeff’s parents house and had such a nice time and enjoyed great food.  My parents came up too – it makes it so easy for us and we always look forward to it.  Livie had so much fun running around and playing with her cousins and seeing family that she only sees a few times a year.


Thanksgiving 2013 005

Thanksgiving 2013 006

Thanksgiving 2013 007

Thanksgiving 2013 011

It was gorgeous outside so we took advantage and took pictures outside and let the kids run around and enjoy it.  Olivia loved throwing Grandpa’s rocks into the pond.  The family pictures were challenging with her because she is constantly moving, but we got a few!  Just too busy to slow down sometimes.

Thanksgiving 2013 004

32 weeks pregnant with Leigh Stella


Thanksgiving 2013 008

Thanksgiving 2013 002

Cousin bumps – these girls will be here so soon!!!

photo 1

Reading with GG and cousin Annelise!

Great day with family!  The day after Thanksgiving Jeff and I were off to Apple Cup at Husky Stadium early to do a little tailgating with friends.  My parents stayed the night so that they could watch her for us while we were at the game which was so nice of them and made it easy for us.  Tailgating was a lot of fun – we spent time at Jeff’s baseball buddies tailgate and then met up with some Kappas and went into the game with the Colburns.  The game was interesting, just glad we walked away with the win!!  It was a lot of fun and I just love Husky stadium, seriously the best college stadium ever!  We were pooped after the game and came home to our little girl and went to bed early.

The next morning we were up early to partake in our annual “Lights, Ladders & liquids” with the Colburns and Clines!  We started off at our house this year with breakfast, football for the guys, playtime and catching up with the girls.  Jeff had already put the lights up the weekend before so this year was just relaxing for everyone and it was real nice!

photo 2

Reading some Mickey Mouse books!

After our house we had a little break during the day so that the girls could nap and I napped too!  I haven’t really napped this entire pregnancy and I was ready for a little rest after all of the holiday fun.  We were then off to the Clines’ house to have dinner and enjoy a little holiday cheer.

photo 4

It was a really fun evening – Livie had a good time and ended up being a little wild so we didn’t stay too late.  She fell asleep in the car and we did the transfer and she slept the best she has slept yet in her big girl bed!  Oh yeah, we transitioned her to her big girl bed (toddler bed by taking off the front of the crib) early this last week because she started climbing out of the crib!  Jeff has been wonderful helping with her every night and letting me get rest.  It has been hit or miss, but I feel like after last night things may be on the up and up!  It has been an interesting week.  We were a little nervous with having to bring her into our bed in the middle of the night that she would get used to that so we have been trying real hard to not make that a habit.  I do miss the crib, but I am happy that we are going through this transition before the baby – I cannot imagine having a new baby and being up at night with her and dealing with the bed transition, yikes!

It was a fabulous holiday week kick-off and today should be nice to get organized for the work week, finish decorating and just hanging out as a family!  Seven more weeks until the due date for this little gal – I really hope she waits for the week she is due.  I have been having some days where I have a lot of contractions and not just Braxton Hicks, nothing intense or super regular, but still makes me nervous and a little uneasy.  We shall see!

Happy First Day of December!!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week.

  1. tell Jamie congrads on her new soon to be new bundle. When is she due? She is very cute. So are u. Little miss is looking very cute like always. Glad the bed thing is going so very well. Hope to see u over the holiday season. take care Glade the huskies won. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, you’re almost there! That went by super fast!! Did it feel fast for you too?

    I miss the crib too. We’ve definitely had some sleep regression with Ellie but it all comes with time. Good luck with that!

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